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Zinc Al Flake Coating Chemicals

 Zinc Al Flake Coating Chemicals

   Geocote s-860  
  Specialty Chemical for high corrosion-protection  
GEOCOTE S-860 is chrome-free, inorganic zinc/aluminum flake base coating system for use of corrosion-resistance on fastener and other types of hardware for industries.

It is available with organic top coat such as a lubricant for torque adjustment, a black for color.

As water-based chemistry, GEOCOTE S-860 is environment-friendly product that has no any heavy metal, and it is engineered to be replacement coating system for zinc electroplating.

It is applied via dip/spin application process, and it provides superior performance of corrosion
protection through uniform coating by good workability.
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• No hydrogen embrittlement concerns
• Excellent adhesion
• Excellent bi-metallic corrosion-resistance
• Excellent scratch-resistance by high mechanical strength
• Good matched process for every integrated lubricant such as material for torque adjustment, black pigmented topcoat
Salt Spray Test (ASTM B117) 1000 Hours
Cyclic corrosion Test (Hyundai MS 619-08) 40 Cycles

GEOCOTE S-860 is two package type products of F1 and F2, so it should be applied after agitating the mixture of F1, F2 for at least 12hours.

• Aging condition
  While slowly agitating F1 at below 20oC, adding F2 and agitating them for at least 12hours
• Mixture ratio of F1, F2
  F1: 9.4 Kg, F2: 10.6 Kg (on the basis of total 20Kg)
• Curing condition
   preheat: at least 10 minutes at 180oC
   main curing: 30minutes at 330oC
   But curing condition should be adjusted according to coater condition and circumstances.
• Coating thickness 10~12Um (Coating thickness can be modified to specific requirement of user)
• If necessary, rheology of product may be adjusted by using recommended proper thickener.
• After aging, it should be kept on at below 20oC
• Before using, please read GHS for safety and health of operator.
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