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Precious Metal Plating Chemicals

 Precious Metal Plating Chemicals

Aurostar Co : Gold- Cobalt alloy process
Excellent hardness (150 VHN )
Operates at room temperature
Faster speed of depostion (1 microns in 3:30 min )
Uniform 2N - 3 N rich colour
Suitable for Jewellary and PCB / electronics connectors
Auromarc 155 : Gold - Indium alloy for Jewellary / Ornaments
Operates at very low Gold content 0.8 - 1.5 gm /lit
1N to 2 N colour
Hardness 150 to 200 VHN
Excellent wear reisitance
Auroflash 725 - Flash Gold
Flash Gold plating bath
Decorative Colours of 2 N to 3 N
More suited for ABS plastics
Tollerates Nickel impurities
Uniform colour
Low operating Gold content (0.3 to 0.5 gms /lit )
Aurostrike DT - Strike Gold
Decorative and Technical applications
Available in Ni or Cobalt alloying formulation
Offers depassivating effect enhancing the further depsoit bonding
Intermdediate bath
Increases the main gold bath life
Matt Silver Deposition
Silver-marc Ag 120
Produces white, bright silver deposits
Can be used for depositing matt silver
Excellent for decorative jewellary
The desposit obtained can also be used for electrical and electronics applications
Two component brightner system
Suitable for rack and barrel applications
Exceptionally high throwing power
Bronze plating as undercoats
Decorative Yellow Bronze - Bronzal YB * 700
Decorative colour resembling to 2 N gold colour
Very effective as an undercoat for decorative gold plating
Makes gold plating economic by reducing the required thickness of Gold
Hard deposit (hardness value up top 350 VHN )
Can be used as repacement for bright nickel ( Nickel free jewellary)
Easy to operate (supported by Units additions based on Amp-Min )
Decorative White Bronze - Bronzal WB * 750
White colour, suitable as undercoat for Silver as well as final finish for jewellary
Excellent hardness (upto 350 VHN )
Good wear resistance
Palla-marc Pd - 202
Bright deposit
Can be used as a final finish or as a passive diffusion barrier undecoat for Gold plating
Suitable for electronics applications
Antitarnish process for Silver plating
Anti Tar Ag
Organic molecule specially designed to protect electroplated Silver surface from tarnishing in all the atmospheric conditions
Immersion process operated at room temperature
Does not require baking after application just simply dry.
The organic molecule forms the bond with the silve surface providing a barrier between the atmosphere and hence the process is far different from organic lacquers.
Water base suspention uniformly reaches all over to components.
Requires continuous solution agitation to achieve exceptionally good results
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