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Chemicals for Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
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 Chemicals for Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

PTH Chemicals
Process Product Applications
Cleaner / Conditioner Unicon - 150 Cleans PCB holes, removes drilling debries, finger marks and other impurities. Prepares hoels for catalyst by imparting charges because of unique quaternery molecule
Microetch Microetch - 18 Powdered salt used for microetching the copper surface for enhancing the adhesion of copper deposition
Pre Dip Pre Dip C -100 Powdered salt for preparing the pre activator dip which acts as a sacrificial bath
Catalyst (Activator) Catalsyt C - 100 Palldium - Tin colloidal catalyst of fine particle size. Prepares thru hole surface for electroelss copper deposition
Post Activator Accelerator PA - 893 Post treats the Thru hole surface after catalyst for excellent adhesion of further electroless copper depsotion
Electroelss Copper MEC Cu - 806 Room temperature electroless copper bath, deposits uniform , void free copper uniformly
MEC Cu - 711 High temperature, stable Electroless Copper bath for high build thickness
MEC Cu- 202E EDTA based Electroless copper process, for low to high build thickness. It can be operated between 20 to 45 Deg C as per thickness requirement
Antitarnish Antitarnish Cu - 856 Organic formulation dip for preventing the copper surface from tarnishing

High throw electrolytic copper Plating
Process Product Applications
Copper Brightner High Throw Cu - 844 Single component additive for electrolytic copper plating bath. Deposit ductile copper. Enahnce the thrwoing power and uniform plating.

Acid Tin Plating
Process Product Applications
Acid Tin Plating Stanolex 201 Bright uniform tin electrodepostion. Compact plating, protecting the copper circutary without overhang

Nitric Acid base strippers for Tin-Tin/Lead alloys from copper
Process Product Applications
Stripping (Spray) Fine Strip 6000 SP Nitric Acid base stripper desigend for spray applications. Lower copper attack. Can operate at elevated temperature not more than 48 Deg C.
Stripping (Immersion) Fine Strip 1500 Nitric Acid base stripper designed specially for immersion applications. Non fuming easy to handle. Best suited for manual a handling.

Ammoniacal Etchant replenisher
Process Product Applications
Etching Fine Etch 150 R Ammonical etching solution replenisher. Maintains the copper content and speed of operations, pH of solution. Maintains the solution sludgefree
Fine Etch 200 LR Etchant replanisher designed for innerlayers for MLB, where dry film is used as etch resist.

Dry Film stripper
Process Product Applications
Dryfilm stripping DFS 509 OG Organic dryfilm stripper suitable for spray application. Does not attack on tin brightness. Removes dry film quickly leaving copper surface ultra clean for fine etching.

Gold and Gold-Cobalt plating for connectors
Process Product Applications
Gold - Cobalt plating Aurostar Co Deposit hard gold with a very effective speed of depsotion (1 Microns in 3:30 mins). Hard depsoit with low contact resistance. Suitable for barrel applications in case of phosphor bronze pin connectors.

Immersion gold for Surface mount Devices
Process Cycle for Immersion Gold for Electronics
Step Process Product Function
1 Acid Cleaner Acid Cleaner # 10 Cleaner for Copper surface, removes residues
2 Microetch Microetch 118 Microetches the copper surface for improved adhesion
3 Acid Dip 10% Sulphuric Acid Removes smut from copper surface
4 Activator Activator C - 100 Ionic Palladium activator, which facilitate the Electroless Nickel plating without bridging the circuit tracks
5 Electroless Nickel Marshal EN 9304 Special EN system designed for Immersion gold deposition. Operates at lower temp range. ( 75 Deg C)
6 Immersion Gold Immersion Gold Au 101 Offers, adherent, bright gold deposit thickness around 0.1 microns.
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