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Zinc and Zinc Alloy Electroplating Products with passivations
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 Zinc and Zinc Alloy Electroplating Products with passivations

Acid Zinc Plating Process
Marshal laboratories offers high temperature stable process suitable for Rack and barrel operation. The deposits are bright and suitable for wide range of passivations.
Application Product Description
Zinc Concentrate Zincolo 150 H - A Provides Zinc ions
Conducting salt Zincolo 150 H - B Provides Chloride and Boric Acid
Carrier Brightner Zincolo 150 H -M Provide Carrier Brighter for uniform and smooth depostion
Brighter Class II Zincolo 150 H -R Provide brighter which gives luster to the deposit

Cyanide Free Alkaline Zinc Process
Marshal laboratories offer eco-friendly zinc plating system which is also good for achieving high corrosion resistance and uniform thickness deposition, because of it's unique honeycomb type microstructure. The same system can be used for Zinc-Fe deposition.
Application Product Description
Zinc Concentrate Ecozinc Starter Provides Zinc ions and Sodium Hydroxide
Carrier Additive Ecozinc Base 200 Provide carrier additive for uniform and smooth deposition
Brightner Ecozinc Brightner 200 Provide brightness to the deposit
Purifier Ecozinc Purifier Removes metallic impurities and offer excellent coverage at low CD

Marshal Laboratories offers chromate conversion coating for Electroplated Zinc deposits which enhances the corrosion resistance of the deposit layer. The specialty formulation imparts thick chromate layer with uniform brightness to thedeposit. The formulation are in the concentrate form and reduces the replenishment quantity. Marshal Laboratories offer eco-friendly Trivalent passivation systems and so also traditional hexavalent chromium formulations.
Marshal Laboratoires Passivation systems comply the requirement of corrosion protection test as per ASTM B 117 (neutral Salt Spray test). The approximate corrosion test salt spary chamber hours are as below.
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