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 Polyzinc - Zinc Flake Coating


Description and Properties

Premium Products' POLYZINC is a chrome free, high performance zinc flake coating system. It can be used itself as a basecoat and topcoat or it can be used with PPI topcoats POLYMET® (aluminum-zinc) and PPl's AQUAZINC® (aluminum­ zinc) or AQUABLACK. POLYZINC provides sacrificial protection of steel substrate and the topcoats (POLYM ET®, AQUAZINC®,or AQUABLACK) provides a barrier coat.


  1. Non-electrolytically applied and does not induce hydrogen embrittlement
  2. Performs very well over zinc phosphate or grit blasted parts
  3. Performed very well during testing without phosphating or grit blasting over heat treated parts without any cleaning or blasting.
  4. Resistance to automotive fluids
  5. Heat resistance
  6. Excellent protection against corrosion {1000+ hours)
  7. No licensing fees

POLYZINC is very economical by itself, but if used with PPI water­ based topcoat (POLYMET®, AQUAZINC®, or AQUABLACK), it will be more economical

Cartridge Type Filter

Cartridge Type Filter
LOWEST Cost BEST Performance

Premium Products offers a zinc flake coating system that includes POLYZINC as the basecoat and AQUAZINC® as the top coat. This system works well when applied to both zinc phos- phate or grit blasted parts. Together they offer 1500+ ST corrosion.

  • This system does not hard settle, it has a very easy mixing process. Just stir prior to using, and the coating is ready to be applied.
  • Once this system is applied to parts and dries, it does not rub off. Other zinc flake coating systems tend to rub off on your hands when the parts are handled, however, our system does not do that.
  • Our system ready to use. This means there is no need to mix the product for a specific amount of time prior to use. Simply stir and apply.
  • This system provides 1500+ hours of corro-sion resistance for your parts.
  • Our system is extremely cost competitive.

Premium Products has formulated a product that exceeds competitor products in many ways. Premium Products’ system is formulated to mix easily, never settling hard.

Alternative to Zinc Plating Offers Environmental Protection & Enhanced Properties
New chromium-free, water-based finish provides cost-effectiveness and significantly better corrosion protection.
Premium Products, Inc. has introduced Aquazinc®, which is an environmentally friendly, water-based. cost-competitive finish that offers Superior or corrosion. no hexavalent or trivalent chromium and no hydrogen embrittlement.
Environmental Protection
Aquazinc is a water-based finish. It is nonflam­ mable and does not have a strong solvent odor. It is HAPS (Hazardous Air Pollutant) free and low in voe (Volatile Orga1ic Compound). Aquazinc does not contain any hazardous and declarable subst ance s such as chromium. lead, mercury, barium, cadmium or nickel. Aquazinc coating also meets RoHS. EL/I and WEE guidelines
The important characteristic of Aquazinc is the coating's superior corrosion protection as compared with electro lytically deposited zinc and zinc alloys. The coating can achieve 240 hours salt spray at a lower film thickness of 3 to 6 microns as well as 1000 hour salt spray (ASTM-B-11 i) at 12 to 15 microns.

Aquazinc provides very good inter-coat adhesion between multiple layers. Aquazinc finish is suitable for springs and high-strength steel parts. Additional properties offered by Aquazinc coating include the following:
  • No hydrogen embrittlement.
  • UV protection of2000-plus hours with resistance to chalking. fading and loss of gloss.
  • Flexibility with very good chip resistance, crimping and bending.
  • Sacrificial behavior.
  • Goo d heat resistance.
  • Good chemical resistance.
  • Improved wear resistance.
  • Good adhesion over stainless steel, galvanized metal and zinc-plated wire.
  • Suitability for components requiring temperature control.
  • Provides 25 to 30 Kestemich cycles.
  • Due to its low DFT, is compatible with standard thread tolerance.
The Aquazinc finish is applied using a di p/spin coating process to steel components such as fasteners, clips. springs, brackets and many other types of hardware parts. The coat­ing is also applied with a spray application process to larger parts and components.
Pleated / woven cartridges made up of poly propylene fine material Increased filtration area offers excellent efficiency. Fine pore filter papers thickness 1 to 1.5 mm offers ultra fine filter media & can absorb carbon particles for additional treatment. Special SS spring hose which does not crimp or enlarge while bending and offers excellent flexibility is provided with filter units

Fasteners, springs and hardware products coated with A quazinc.

Coefficient of Friction
This new zinc-plating alternative coating is inegrated with lubricants and does not need any additional top coat to adjust the coefficient of friction values for threaded hardware parts and fasteners.
Cost Effectiveness
Cost is one of the important parts of any finishing operation. Aquazinc is a water-based finish and can be used with water during cleanup. This provides a significant saving in cost as compared to an expensive solvent cleanup cost.

Newly developed Aquazinc coating is cost competitives. safer to use and offers better corrosion resistance when compared to zinc plating.

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